How's it made?

In early march we select trees that are at least 10 inches in diameter.  We use a 5/16” bit and drill a 2 ½” hole into the sapwood of the tree at a 10% angle. 

After cleaning out the hole we place a tree saver tap with a drop line attached in the hole and then place the drop line in a 5 gallon bucket/covered with a lid. 
Every day during the sap season we collect the sap and bring it to the sugar shack where it is filtered and pumped into an 800 gallon stainless tank.
The tank allows the sap to flow into the evaporator where it is cooked down and made into maple syrup.
Once it is ready we draw the syrup off and filter and bottle the syrup.

What's in it?

Maple Syrup is Healthy

It contains nutrients like zinc and manganese the University of Rhode Island researchers recently identified 54 potentially beneficial compounds in maple syrup.

According to Marie Breton, dietician and author, “Maple products are more than simple sweeteners.  Rich as they are in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other beneficial compounds, they can also be part of a healthy diet, especially as a replacement for sugar, brown sugar, honey and corn syrup.”

How do we store it?
During the finishing process we boil the syrup at 180-200 degrees F.  We filter it with a filter press and bottle the syrup in glass, or plastic containers.

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