Quotes I have worked in the maple syrup business myself and have worked with Kurt in other capacities. I'm confident that when he decides to do something like this, he will do it well. Quotes
Steve Goranson

Quotes The Jacobson family is very passionate about their syrup and the final product shows that passion. Kurt is constately thinking of ways to improve. If you like real maple syrup I wouldn't get it anywhere else. Quotes
Jeff Davis

Quotes This is by far the best Maple Syrup I've ever had! It must be made with lots of love. Try it. Just a spoonful a day is also an excellent antioxidant! Quotes
Al Shepardson

Quotes This syrup is awesome! Nothing compares to a home made batch of syrup. Thanks for making such a wonderful product. It is a treat for my whole family. Quotes
Keith LeCleir
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