Quotes Maple Haven's syrup is absolutely yummmy!! My children are very disappointed whenever we run out of it, they don't like the "fake" syrup from the store, they want the real stuff from Maple Haven! Thank you for making such a fabulous, healthy product! Quotes
Kandi Adkins
My Kid's Favorite Syrup!

Quotes Best Maple Syrup!...it truly taste so much better than store bought! We appreciate our family's labor of love and we get to enjoy the fruits of their labor! God bless you all! Quotes
Lanny and Anita Harvey
Blessed to be family of the Jacobsons

Quotes I made a Sweet Pot Pie using Maple Haven Real Syrup for 2012 Thanksgiving & it was Wonderful ~ & lower in calories & good for us too!! Great product !!! Quotes
Betts Jacobson
Happy Sap Sucker

Quotes Healthy and Good for you. I love your maple syrup!! Quotes
Robin Roder
Nebraska Fan of Maple Syrup

Quotes Warning: If you try this syrup there is no going back! I just tried a maple syrup from Ely.... It didn't even come close in comparison! Thanks Jake and family for all your hard work! Quotes
Kimberly Hines
Biggest Fan

Quotes It has been a tradition at our home to have Swedish pancakes when our grandchildren visit during the Christmas Holidays - or any other time that there's a good excuse to have them. With thirteen grandchildren (ages 2 -14) it is necessary to make 4-5 batches 140 - 175 pancakes! Topped with pure Maple Haven Syrup, there is no better way to serve these crepe-like treats! The reward for getting up at 5 a.m. to begin preparing Swedish pancakes is hearing the cheerful comments and grateful "Thank you's" as each little one enjoys their breakfast - made more special with REAL Maple Syrup from Minnesota. It really is the BEST!!! Quotes
Everett & Marcia Jacobson
Papa Ev | Swedish Pancake Chef in Kentucky

Quotes Maple Haven's Maple Syrup is Minnesota's best kept secret; the highest quality of syrup you can buy. In addition to the health benefits, a great sugar substitute for coffee, it's the only syrup I use in my recipes. Quotes
Buz Jacobson
Grade A Syrup

Quotes When that bottle arrives, I have to hide it until I get my share before the rest of the family destroys it! Our boys will eat more waffles/pancakes in the time we have Maple Haven Syrup in the house than the rest of the year total! Great work! Quotes
Jim Thompson

Quotes The best maple syrup I've ever had! Quotes
Eric Soyring

Quotes This is simply the BEST maple syrup we have had! Not just great syrup made with such love and pride...but Kurt and Andrea are GOOD friends! Quotes
Lois Ballard
friend, customer