Quotes We live on a barrier island in NE Florida and are thrilled to share to the bounty of the Jacobson clan with our friends and neighbors. Maple Haven Farms pure maple syrup is the best we've ever had. Quotes
Scott & Jennifer Bergquist
Amelia Island, Florida

Quotes The most delicious maple syrup I've tasted (don't tell my Dad), made with the utmost care by my closest friends in the world! Quotes

Quotes This is the finest maple syrup I have found. You can't go back to store bought syrup after trying this. Quotes
Al Roder
Kansas Customer

Quotes We enjoy Maple Haven Syrup and purchase extra to give gifts to other family members. Thank you for producing this excellent healthy natural product. Quotes
Art and Deb Weiner

Quotes We love the product that they put so much love into with every breakfast. Quotes
Richard & Susan LeCleir

Quotes My husband and I, Minnesota natives, lived in Seattle for about 10 years. After years of looking for the perfect maple syrup in the stores out west, our parents gave us Maple Haven syrup in our Christmas stockings one year. We fell in love with it! It doesn't compare to anything you can buy in the store! Every year since, it has become our favorite stocking stuffer! We use maple syrup in almost everything as a sugar substitute. Thanks Maple Haven for such a great product! Quotes
Tammy Schneider
West Coasters

Quotes Both my wife and I have enjoyed to the last drop the Maple syrup we received from Maple Haven farms. We found it especially tasty in our home-made granola cereal, which we enjoy for breakfast and a quick snack. I am sure it will not be our last bottle. Quotes
Tom & Alyce Krantz
Couple of Montana residents

Quotes I love the Maple Haven syrup as does my family! It is so much better than store bought (which we don't buy anymore). The flavor is deep and natural and I know it is healthier for my family. My grandchildren don't know any other kind of syrup! Quotes
Gail Sheridan
Very satisfied mom!

Quotes I may be slightly biased, as all 4 of our family members have helped harvest the sap, but I have to say that real maple syrup is in a completely different league than the store bought. Kurt and Andrea take an immense amount of pride in their work and their award winning syrup is no exception. This adventure provides our family with an opportunity to help in a very "back to basics" ritual of harvesting and producing syrup. We're very fortunate to have this opportunity and very glad that they keep getting us syrup enjoy! Quotes
Amy Jacobson
Mom of Owen & Reed- Maple Haven Syrup Connoisseurs

Quotes It"s so good and good for you! Nothing starts your day like maple syrup on oatmeal,and 2nd best would be on ice cream. I give it as a minnesota gift . I bought 12 bottles last year. I love it ! Quotes
Fritz Zirbel
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